Aluminatus Update

My Aluminatus 3D printer isn't here yet. First delivery date was Feb. 20th... that didn't happen. I've been avidly following the threads on the Trinity Labs Google Group. Lets just say I'm not chomping at the bit to get it here given all the issues the first batch of users are having. The first 50 were very much beta kits and it's been interesting to watch them figure out the bugs. Poorly printed bed holders and other parts, Extruders wired to move backwards, EMI problems from the steppers tripping end stops, damaged kapton heaters, blown MOSFETs, misaligned frames and Y-stages, poorly placed cooling fans, missing parts... etc. The last promised delivery date was the first week of April... so we'll see how that goes. TL has been assuring that all the bugs will be worked out for the next batch and that the retail price will now be much higher than we paid. No worries as I'm having too much fun with the laser cutter and barely have time to do that so the 3D printer might have a backseat for a while as the learning curve there will be WAY steeper.

Posted on March 31, 2013 and filed under 3D Printing.