A Major Award, and bracelet production notes

I won! I entered my bracelets in the Full Spectrum Laser monthly free laser tube contest for June and I won... so I get a free laser tube. You can see the entire entry with photos of my setup and notes on production on flickr or click any of the thumbs below. This is awesome, because my tube is losing power. I have to cut about 10-20% slower and at 10-20% higher power to get through 1/8" 3 ply than I did when the tube was fresh. Not so good since I'm in production for Craft Lake City which starts on August 9th. Yikes. I hope I get the tube soon but I'm scared to switch out a working one for an unknown. We'll see.

I've only got about 21 bracelets about a third of the way through production, and I hope to at least double that by the fair. I need more time in my life for this. Ugh. I have lots of earrings and jewelry stands to cut too. I also need to get a website and business cards done. Yay for crunch time.

Scallop v1Unfinished Big Box v1, 3 sizesFirst finished prototypespre-finishing "Big Box" v2Super Flex wide prefinishingLots and lots of failed prototypes
The laser cut jig for forming the bendsMagnet and clasp tests.Lots of magnetsThe workbenchThe office.The Laser venting
Posted on July 29, 2013 and filed under Laser.