Walnut veneer for iPhone backs

I decided to do some walnut iPhone backs for friends after my successful etching of my own etimoe iPhone back from Monolith

I ordered some .03" walnut veneer with sticky back from Inventables. I'm sure not the cheapest but they are fast and reliable quality wise so just for a couple of test sheets... they'll do. 

After a few test cuts and engraving it's looking like it cuts nicely at Speed 90 Power 60 and engraves well at 1000 DPI at Speed 100 Power 30. 


It looks nice with just some mineral oil/beeswax finish but I've also ordered some OSMO Polyx Hard Wax Oil, which is ridiculously expensive but I've been told is worth it by Monolith. 

I'd love to hear if anyone has other sources for veneer with adhesive back!

The dimensions for all Apple mobile products are available on their developer page btw. 

Posted on February 19, 2014 and filed under Laser.