Model Paragliders

Remember those old wooden dinosaur models as a kid? That's the inspiration for these detailed paraglider models. They are exact replicas of actual paraglider shapes... no really... these are replicated and scaled from the production CAD files of an Ozone paraglider! It's fascinating to hold and see the shape from all angles.

Available in 2 sizes with either a XC Pod Pilot, Acro Pilot, or Paramotor Pilot, you can order either in kit form or pre-assembled.They are the perfect gift for your pilot friends or family.

Be sure and watch the "How To Assemble" videos before attempting to put the model together! The videos offer lots of tips to help prevent breakage during assembly. Here is the 6-inch Video and the 12-inch Video (or check out the bottom of this page).

Select one below for more photos and details!

Video of 12" Model